Can I Install A Wood Burner If I Don’t Have A Chimney?

If you don’t have a chimney but are wondering whether you are still able to obtain a wood-burning stove, the simple answer to your question is more than likely, yes! In new build homes, it has become increasingly common for there not to be a chimney or traditional fire opening, however, this won’t prevent you from installing a wood-burning stove if you wish.

For those living in modern homes, you do not need to have a chimney to install a wood-burning stove, however, it does require work. A twin wall flue system is key to being able to enjoy a wood burner in your home. To keep it simple, a twin wall flue system is a series of connected stainless steel pipes that transports the fumes from your wood burner to outside your property. They provide a seamless and gas-tight connection, due to a layer of insulation that keeps the temperature inside the flue warm and keeps the outer layer cool.

You have two options on how you have your twin wall flue system installed, and there are pros and cons to both options:

With an external flue, the pipes are connected to your stove through a wall and run up the outside of your house allowing the fumes the escape, usually near the roof. As the pipes are external, less space is taken up in your home, less work is required inside, and the flue is not visible from the inside. However, a disadvantage of having one installed is the fact that you will need to patch up your external wall and more bends may be required, increasing the overall costs.

An internal flue is also connected to your stove, but the pipe will run through the house; through ceilings and out through the roof. On one hand, with an internal system, the flue is kept warmer thus allowing easier lighting of the stove. However, the flue will need to be protected, boxed and ventilated, which may take up valuable space in your home. The flue pipe being visible factor may be deciding factor on what option you go for, but there is the option for the flues to be cover up with a false chimney breast to suit the aesthetics of your home.

If you’re considered installing a wood-burning stove in your home, then we’d be happy to discuss your options with you.

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