The Cost Of Buying, Installing And Running A Stove

There was a time when we thought the good old-fashioned fireplace might soon become extinct. It was rapidly being traded in for modern alternatives such as, heated flooring, stylish radiators and trendy heated towel racks.


But we are in the mists of waving goodbye to the overbearing push for modernity. With energy bills continuing to climb in an uncertain economic climate, homeowners are looking for new ways to manage their outgoings, as well as perhaps add value to their home. A simple, effective and long-lasting solution is purchasing a stove.


The cost of stoves can vary greatly. As you would expect, it all depends on the quality, the size and any additional specifications of the stove you choose.


Admittedly, there are smaller, less expensive options out there, which you can purchase online but the majority of these will have been imported from China. If you choose to purchase one of these stoves, you should expect higher maintenance requirements and a considerably shorter life span. 


All of the stoves at GSG Chimney and Stove Specialists are handpicked from reputable stove manufacturers and of the highest quality. You should expect at least a 15-20 year life span from any of our stoves.

Although each stove installation will vary slightly, the general costs and processes will remain consistent.


Below is a list of typical prices for the various installation practices:

Installation Prices incl. VAT

·      Wood burning or multi-fuel stove from - £649

·      Supply and fit standard stainless steel 8m multi fuel flexible liner, register plate, pot hanger cowl adaptor, stove pipe, CO detector, test and commission system from - £1500

·      Connect stove to a clay liner, test and commission system - £735

·      Supply and fit new hearth if needed – from £250

Knock-out Options

·      To remove existing mantle; fireplace and hearth; raise lintel and form suitable opening for stove - £300

·      Plaster, render and make good - £300

·      Waste disposal if necessary - £96

·      Heatproof paint stove area - £48

Insulated System

·      Supply and fit twin wall insulated flue system - £2350-£4460

Will I save money by installing a stove?

How much you will save exactly will differ from home to home. It has been suggested that an average home can expect to save over £300 a year using a wood burner to heat part of their home, however many homeowners claim to be saving a lot more than this.

HETAS engineers have stated that in the last seven years there has been a 60% increase in installations of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. This reflects the expanding number of homeowners opting for alternative heating methods, as opposed to just central heating.

Not only will you save money on your household bills, but also some property experts claim that adding a wood-burning stove could increase the value of your property by around 5%. Additionally, stoves also promote having benefits for the environment by using environmentally sound fuel.

Ultimately, although it may seem like a pretty substantial outgoing to begin with, with winter well on it’s way, you’ll soon be reaping the financial and environmental benefits.

If you’re thinking of purchasing or installing a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, feel free to contact us for advice and guidance on 01483 209 363 or here.