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5 Ways To Increase The Durability & Efficiency Of Your Stove
Whether you’ve had a wood burning stove for years, or whether you’ve recently purchased your first one, it’s never too late - or early - to put practices in place to increase the efficiency of your stove.The better you look after your stove, the better it will look after you! Taking small steps to maintain your stove...
The Cost Of Buying, Installing And Running A Stove

There was a time when we thought the good old-fashioned fireplace might soon become extinct. It was rapidly being traded in for modern alternatives such as, heated flooring, stylish radiators and trendy heated towel racks.  But we are in the mists of waving goodbye to the overbearing push for modernity. 

Can I Install A Wood Burner In My Log Cabin, Home Office Or Garden Building?
What an idyllic setting… It’s winter, you’re enjoying nature changing through the seasons, sitting in your log cabin feeling nice and warm in front of your wood burning stove - is there a better image to depict the word “cosy”? Probably not! But before you can make this dream a reality...
Decorate your Fireplace for Spring/Summer 18
We wrote an article a little while ago about how to decorate a fireplace for the winter season – but why should fireplace decoration just be for the holidays? The tinsel and fairy lights may be long gone but that doesn’t mean you can’t adorn your fireplace for the spring and summer seasons.Safety First: Be ultra careful when using decorations around flames or hot surfaces. Combustible materials should not be placed within 600mm to either side or above the stove, or a meter in front.Step 1: Choose a colour schemeThis doesn’t have to match the rest of the room; in fact sometimes opting for a dif..
Can I Install A Wood Burning Stove If I Live In A Smoke Control Area?

So you’ve decided to purchase your first wood burning stove but you’re worried you might live in a Smoke Control Area? Fear not - we are here to clear up any uncertainties around the rules and regulations in Smoke Control Areas!

3 Ways You can Decorate your Fireplace this Christmas
At GSG Chimney and Stove Specialists, we believe that the fireplace should be at the centre of all of your Christmas decorations – after all, it’s what allows Santa to deliver our presents! With that being said we’ve decided to help you out a little, with some helpful ideas to help you decorate your fireplace with one of three different themes. Read on for some inspiration and our top tips on how to create a festive fireplace that your guests will ogle over!Safety First: Be ultra careful with decorations around flames or hot surfaces around your fireplace and no combustible materials should be..
Cleaning Your Wood Burner – A Quick Guide

We might not have had the coldest winter, but at times we did have a bitterly cold spring. Hence why our spring-cleaning guide is arriving a little later than expected.

Live A Sustain Life With Bamboo Decking

An outdoor deck adds comfort and convenience to any home. It gives us a chance to go outside to sit around the pool or entertain our friends and family in the garden.

How Much Energy Is Your Open Fireplace Losing Annually?

Few things are as enjoyable on a cold winter night as sitting next to a warm fire. But the reality is that you might be sending your energy bill up in smoke.

There are a myriad of wood types to choose from, all of which have their own burning qualities and properties.We would stress that for using in your wood burning stove Seasoned Dry Wood with no more than 20% moisture should be used.There are of course the compressed Verdo Briquettes available through our website to help get your fire started amongst other Fuels And Firestarters.  These tend to burn well and for a decent length of time because they are dense and very dry, however try to choose a product that does not break apart too easily to maintain a h..
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